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5 ways the digitisation of the global logistics industry can increase trade – and reduce poverty

New article from our friends at World Economic Forum, Authored by Henrik Hvid Jensen

  1. Expanding global trade is essential to reducing poverty.

  2. Responsible, accelerated and affordable digitisation can facilitate global trade and sustainably reduce poverty.

  3. Five Logistic Internets can increase efficiencies and reduce costs for businesses and trading partners around the world.

The expansion of international trade is essential to development and poverty reduction. To meet the UN’s first Sustainable Development Goal – “no poverty” – we must reduce trade barriers, especially for the world’s poorest.

One of the most efficient ways to sustainably reduce poverty globally and promote shared prosperity is to identify ways by which responsible, accelerated and affordable digitisation can facilitate global trade. In addition to reducing trade barriers and expanding GDP, digitisation is one of the most economically attractive, and fastest, ways to end poverty.

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