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5 ways to advance digital trade in the post-COVID world

Recommendations by GTDW Speaker Ziyang Fan Head of Digital Trade, World Economic Forum & Mike Gallaher

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and services, which have kept trade flowing even as movement has been restricted.

  • This has highlighted the need to modernize trade rules and reverse the trend of digital protectionism.

  • Modernizing digital trade rules will advance digital trade and create more jobs, human connections and creativity in the post-COVID world.

Globalization is under threat. Even before the pandemic, globalization was already struggling due to years of stagnation in trade growth and uncertainties at the World Trade Organization (WTO) due to US-China trade tensions. COVID-19 was another blow to the system. And the early departure of the WTO Director-General doesn’t help!

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