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AIM-KPMG Global IPA Survey 2023 - Changing Dynamics Of Investment Promotion!

This year's survey highlights the changing dynamics of Investment Promotion Agencies(IPAs)/Economic Development Agencies(EDAs) around 5 key dimensions:

1) Key Focus Areas of IPAs | Portfolio of non-traditional services increasing alongside effective delivery of Aftercare, Investment Incentive Advisory, Entry Advisory etc.

2) Regulatory Authority of IPAs | IPAs being increasingly positioned as a One-Stop-Shop for investment needs.

3) Communication & Outreach Activities | Use of Digital channels and CRM on the rise. Annual Flagship events being increasingly adopted by IPAs.

4) Grievance Resolution Management | Transitioning from "Good-to-have" to a "Must-have" provision, having full-stack capabilities.

5) Key Issues Faced by IPAs | Higher budgetary outlay with a focus on Digital investments is the need of the hour.


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