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Alibaba, LOGINK and IPCSA collaborate on global intelligent Logistics network Visibility Taskforce

Alibaba, LOGINK and IPCSA collaborate to build a global intelligent Logistics network – Logistics Visibility Task Force

“The increasing data link-up between shippers and ports was in evidence last week when an Alibaba- led group, developing common #standards for #supplychainvisibility, on the eve of its first anniversary released Enabling Logistics Visibility by Interconnecting Logistics Information Service Systems in a Standardised Way.

The Logistics Visibility Task Force was set up by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group with its in-house logistics operator Cainiao Networks, China’s National Logistics Information Platform (LOGINK) and the IPCSA - International Port Community Systems Association which comprises #portcommunitysystems, #cargocommunitysystems, sea and airport authorities and #singlewindow operators in around 40 countries.

Like other industry-wide digitisation-inspired initiatives, such as the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), its chief aim is to develop a set of common #standards that would allow different community systems to relay data to each other.”

This is a major focus of #GTDWChina Trade Facilitation, Compliance & Digitalisation Conference & Exhibition taking place in Shanghai 16-18 June 2020 with IPCSA part of the GTDW Advisory Council and Co-hosted with APMEN China we welcome stakeholders to join us in Shanghai.

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