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An AI Opportunity Agenda for ASEAN - Google White Paper

We are pleased to share a recent AI Opportunity whitepaper to help ASEAN governments tap into AI’s vast potential, By Andrew Ure, Managing Director, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Southeast Asia, Google

AI has the potential to fundamentally change the ways we live, work and learn. As highlighted in our global AI Opportunity Agenda, we’re currently at an inflection point where the choices made by governments, industry leaders, and civil society will determine how AI is used to benefit as many people as possible.

With a young and tech-optimistic population, a dynamic digital landscape, and a burgeoning tech ecosystem, ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is well-positioned to harness AI to radically transform its future. From solving public health problems to strengthening disaster resilience to raising economic competitiveness, there are countless opportunities for AI to speed progress towards these goals.

As ASEAN Digital Ministers and officials meet in Singapore this week to discuss AI among other topics, we’re launching an AI Opportunity Agenda for ASEAN — a whitepaper outlining policy recommendations to ASEAN member states (AMS) with suggestions on how to make the most of AI.

We offer three key recommendations on how AMS — individually and at the ASEAN level — can harness AI responsibly and to its fullest potential.

AI Opportunity Agenda ASEAN
AI Opportunity Agenda for ASEAN Whitepaper By Google


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