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Are You Ready For FDI 4.0?

FDI 4.0 is a cross-border project that involves industry 4.0. No country or company can afford to ignore it. Excellent article by Douglas Van Den Berghe for Investment Monitor

The tectonic plates of the most recent industrial revolutions are shifting when compared with previous industrial revolutions: the third and the fourth revolutions have evolved at an exponential rate rather than a linear pace. This era is no different.

People are the centrepiece of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (industry 4.0). People, not technology, are the drivers of the industry 4.0 transformation. People adapt to changes with new strategies. When disruption happens, it happens fast. When trends collide, then disruption happens fast – in fact, so rapid that the tectonic plates of productivity and growth are shifting at a speed that reshapes the competitive and social landscape, and redefines the boundaries of trade, prosperity and values.

Being unique is the ultimate competitive advantage in a world that is disrupted faster than ever: the question is not whether you will join in, but how. In an age of disruption, it is required that you rethink the core differentiating aspects. Differentiation is what you do, every day, through repeatable activities to serve your customers better than the competition.

The changes shaping society also have an impact on foreign direct investment (FDI) and the way companies manage and develop FDI projects. In other words, it disrupts the FDI industry in itself. This disruption is taking place against the changes happening in the global (geopolitical) economy as well as declining FDI flows and the resulting heightened competition for FDI among countries. The convergence of all these developments has led to the growth of what we would call FDI 4.0.

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