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Asia FDI & Economic Development Training Series Announced!

Due to the unparalleled success of Conway’s recent Training Webinars in Latin America, North America & EMEA we will be running our next series dedicated to the Asia Pacific Region in June as part of the Conway-KW Group partnership towards FDI, Trade & Economic Recovery.

This series is developed for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), National Development Organisations and Free Trade Zones to educate participants on how best to work effectively to promote their community during this crisis and into recovery. It will also help prepare locations and communities for future disruptions.


10th JuneDigital Strategies for Crisis Communications: Guillermo Mazier, Vice President of Global Innovation & Yani Pena, Principal, PR & Marketing | 09.00 KL / Singapore / Shanghai

17th JuneResiliency in FDI and Economic Development: Chris Steele, Vice President, Advisory & Collin Perciballi, Manager, Advisory | 09.30 KL / Singapore / Shanghai

24th JuneNew Marketing Realities in the Age of Coronavirus: Guillermo Mazier, Vice President of Global Innovation | 09.00 KL / Singapore / Shanghai


Each session will last for one approximately one hour. Reminder that costs are $200 per session or $500 for the series of three (Costs are in USD$)

Descriptions for each session:

Digital Strategies for Crisis Communications

In this session Conway’s digital marketing experts will explore:

· How communities can use online tools to manage their reputation and amplify a positive message about their location in times of crisis.

· Explore how to be sensitive with online messaging during this time.

· Planning communications strategies for future crisis and talk the participants through how to communicate through the crisis and then after.

· Dos, don’ts and case studies and help communities understand messaging and shifting the focus of messaging for crisis situations.

Resiliency in FDI and Economic Development

· Strategies of communities who regularly face crisis that threaten their economy and infrastructure.

· How to plan within the business community to get through these difficult times.

· Strategies they have to prepare and the strategies they use to rebuild.

· Recommendations on how communities can prepare for scenarios like Covid-19 in the future and recommendations on next steps in getting through this immediate crisis.

New FDI Marketing and Outreach Realities in the Age of Coronavirus

· All marketing and outreach tools that can and should be utilized during the Covid-19 crisis.

· Recommendations for a full marketing strategy taking into account the options currently at EDO/IPA’s disposal.

· Rethinking priorities & understanding client needs - how you should be collecting this information during this time.

· How to effectively continue a dialogue with prospective clients as well as researching and reaching out to new ones.

· There will also be a examples shared of communities that continued to build their brand through similarly challenging times and explanations and data shared on why efforts in marketing, research and strategy should not be scaled back but rather continued or even scaled up.


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