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Asia Pacific FDI, Trade & Investment Newsletter

Trade & investment in the Asia Pacific region has seen significant steps forward in November!

RCEP: The signing of the 15 country RCEP trade agreement will shape global economics and politics at a time that intra-asian trade already outweighs that of all other regions the reliance on western markets has lost some significance of late.

Global Economy Being Redrawn By Chinese Export Boom: Latest November China Trade Data insights from our partners at Trade Data Monitor, authored by Chief Economist, John W Miller - For a copy of November's trade data email:

Trade Technologies: Covid 19 has seen Asian economies quickly adopt and refine trade technologies to facilitate cross border regional trade at a critical speed that has enhanced trade facilitation across the region.

The value of China-ASEAN trade is now more than that of the US & EU and as the articlea below explore the balance of trade has shifted firmly to the east in 2020.

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