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Blockchain Enters the Frontline in Department of Homeland Security’s War On Counterfeits

“The direction taken by Morpheus.Network shows considerable progress in the implementation of #blockchain for #supplychainmanagement and #customsclearance, with the aim of combating #counterfeiting. It could eventually lead to a seamless integration of different blockchain solutions to create one universal system that could eventually be implemented across the world, by different private and government agencies, with added transparency while eliminating corrupt practices.”

Co-Founder Noam Eppel states “One unique aspect of our platform is that it’s blockchain-agnostic, which means you don’t need to be tied to a single blockchain.” Co-founder and UN supply chain expert Danny Weinberger ☆ Supply Chain Innovator - CEO of Morpheus.Network said, “We’ve been tackling the direct inefficiencies in #globaltrade, which has led us to this CBP intellectual property rights (#IPR) Proof of Concept.”

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