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Call For Applications - UN ESCAP FDI Attractiveness & Export Readiness Training Program for Sri Lanka Based ICT Companies

We are pleased to launch a new United Nations ESCAP #FDI attractiveness and export readiness training program for Sri Lanka-based ICT companies looking to expand internationally, kicking off 13 & 14 May in Colombo, Sri Lanka, supporting the country‘s DIGIECON SRI LANKA 2023 - 2030 roadmap.

Apply to the program here by 5 April and join Tom Becker and myself in Colombo: - 🇺🇳 United Nations ESCAP, in collaboration with the Information Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka and the BOI Sri Lanka.

Details of the program:

The program will be based around the delivery of training for up to 15 digital (ICT) firms that are ready to develop into overseas markets. The program will take place over two days in Colombo (13 and 14 May) and will support the development of the company's capacity to implement effective internationalization strategies. Companies will apply to participate in the program with applications to be judged by a working group of United Nations ESCAP, ICTA, BOI Sri Lanka and KW Group Asia-Pacific Advisory, with all companies committing to attend for the two days of the training.

Companies must be based in Sri Lanka, export/growth-ready, and in a position to access overseas markets within the next 6 months with the necessary internal resources. Program attendees must be key stakeholders who will actively oversee the implementation. The training will be followed by 4 virtual sessions to refine and evaluate the implementation of the internationalization roadmaps to develop their strategic development into new export markets (2 days in person, plus 3 virtual sessions 2-3 hours each).

The training agenda is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience for Sri Lankan mid-growth, export-ready ICT companies aiming for internationalization through foreign investment and export development. The combination of in-person and virtual sessions allows for both theoretical learning and practical application, through implementation and review with ample opportunities for interaction and feedback. The program will support companies through the development of investor targeting and market development strategies as outcomes and will be followed by 3 virtual sessions where the strategic plans will be refined and developed for implementation.

Companies are required to submit the application form, in no more than 200 words per section. Applications are reviewed and assessed by a committee led by UNESCAP, the BOI, ICTA, and KW Group. The deadline for submission is 5 April.

Warm Regards, Andrew Keable

FDI Attractiveness & Export Readiness Training Program for Sri Lanka
Call For Applications - UN ESCAP FDI Attractiveness & Export Readiness Training Program for Sri Lanka Based ICT Companies


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