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Charted: Comparing the GDP of BRICS and the G7 Countries

Comparing the GDP of BRICS and the G7: Visualized

BRICS is set to add six new member states at the start of 2024, raising questions about the expansion of the group’s growing economic power. With its new entrants, the bloc will represent over $30 trillion in GDP or around 29% of the world’s GDP.

This graphic compares the GDP of BRICS nations to the G7 by using GDP projections for 2023 from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Even with its new members, BRICS falls short of the G7’s 43% share of global GDP. However, the gap is likely to shrink as major BRICS nations such as India continue to grow at above-average rates—and as the group likely welcomes even more members in the future.

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