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China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Explores PE Investments in ASEAN

China Investment Corporation is looking at future private equity investment opportunities in ASEAN, focusing on healthcare, technology, AI, green economy, and supply chains.

China Investment Corporation (CIC) has expressed its intention to actively explore private equity (PE) investment opportunities in Asean as the PE activity in the region has been in good momentum since the second half of last year.

The sovereign wealth fund’s deputy chief investment officer Qi Bin said the positive momentum is expected to continue into 2024 despite potential barriers and ongoing global risks.

“Among the key themes of ASEAN’s PE landscape in the future are healthcare, technology and artificial intelligence, green economy, aspirational consumer, business services, as well as supply chains,” he said during the session titled “The Intersection of China and Asean: In Search of Growth Verticals” at the KL20 Summit 2024 this week.

As for last year, he said, the top three sectors of PE investments were healthcare, telecommunication, and business services.

China's SWF exploring investments in ASEAN
China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Explores PE investments in ASEAN


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