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Decoding Institutional Investments - Free Webinar For WAIPA Members

Are you a developing economy currently in the process of devising strategies to attract the right institutional investors? WAIPA can assist you here. Join us for our three-part interactive masterclass series on ‘Decoding Institutional Investments’, starting from 28th February, upon the completion of which, participants will be awarded with a certificate. Register here:

Institutional Investors manage over $126 Tn worth of capital globally. These investors including Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds, Bank, Insurance companies, and Endowments amongst others seek investment opportunities across the world intending to maximize returns and mitigate risks. Institutional Investors have globally evolved their investment strategies to expand their horizons to asset classes such as infrastructure, energy, real estate etc.

Institutional Investors identify projects across countries keeping in mind aspects such as the viability of a project, and the risk profile of the project including currency risk, country risk, liquidity risk, and political risk. Considerations such as foreign currency risk play a key factor in identifying countries where these investors take an exposure.

WAIPA aims to support investment growth by promoting and developing cooperation amongst IPAs and strengthening information-gathering systems. As part of the WAIPA, with the support of Invest India is launching the “Master Class Series on Decoding Institutional Investments” for its member IPAs. The series comprises three two-hour sessions spread over three weeks.

Register here: or email

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