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Dentsu Tracking partners KW Group in Asia to support Supply Chain Digitisation & Fight Illicit Trade

We are delighted to announce a new partnership between Dentsu Tracking and KW Group to lead development in the Asia Pacific region.

Dentsu Tracking is committed to assist governments and the private sector in the digitisation of supply chains in the region and to support the fight against illicit trade through collaboration with ministries of finance, customs, and enforcement bodies.

The company fully supports the regional development of trade digitisation as a driver for economic recovery post-COVID-19 and improving supply chain resilience through the digitalisation of fiscal and tax collection processes, and to leverage digital supply chain traceability solutions as a means to support enforcement actions in the fight against illicit trade across the region.

Read more about Dentsu Tracking’s expertise in the OECD case study for public sector innovation, below. By tracking and tracing 30 billion products annually across the entire supply chain of the EU region, the current regime is estimated to secure up to 20% reduction in illicit trade and 4 billion EUR revenue saving annually, according to the European Commission. Link: OECD OPSI Case Study

The partnership is supported by KW Group Malaysia, as a regional business partner.

Dentsu Tracking Dentsu Tracking is a brand of Dentsu Aegis Network. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Core product and service solutions include traceability, security, industrial IT, business analytics, and supply chain digital transformation. On 21 December 2018, the European Commission appointed Dentsu Tracking as the sole provider to operate the central platform of an EU-wide tobacco traceability system.

For over ten years KW Group has been at the centre of FDI, Trade & Supply Chain Digitalisation in Asia. Specialising in inbound and outbound FDI, Trade & Investment, Supply Chain Digitalisation, Trade Intelligence, Trade Digitalisation & Market Access from their HQ in Malaysia.

KW Group work extensively with Multilateral Trade Agencies, Development Banks & Trade Government Agencies & Enterprise Clients across technical consulting, capacity development and events.

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