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Empowering IPAs To Develop Investable Projects: KW Group Collaborates with UN ESCAP in Bangkok

KW Group Asia: Economic Development, Trade, Investment & Market Access was proud to collaborate with the United Nations ESCAP team in Bangkok, Thailand last week as part of three days of structured dialogues and capacity-building programs developed to empower Investment Promotion Agencies on the development and communication of Investable Projects. The collaboration is part of a broader South-South Initiative, fostering connections between Latin America and APAC, and aligns with an ongoing strategic initiative between the United Nations ESCAP and the ASEAN Secretariat

The well-rounded program over the three days facilitated enriching interactive exchanges among diverse regional investment promotion agencies, delving into critical topics such as gender in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), investor support strategies, the development of IPA value propositions, enhancing IPA services, investor identification techniques, and the art of crafting and communicating investable projects. This immersive experience was not just about knowledge sharing; it was a dynamic exploration of pathways to innovation, inclusivity, and strategic development within the investment promotion landscape.

Andrew Keable, Managing Partner, KW Group and Senior Advisor, Asia Pacific for the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies WAIPA, delivered a comprehensive program on crafting and effectively communicating investable projects. Covering the essentials of strategic project development for nations, his insights provided IPAs with a proactive approach to attracting strategic investors in major bankable national projects. The program covered the essentials of pitching projects and communicating with financial investors, shedding light on strategies to capture investor attraction, particularly around UN SDGs. He was also joined virtually for a session focusing on the Invest India experience in structuring investable projects with institutional investors by WAIPA colleagues Dushyant Thakor and Rahul Agarwal, CFA, FRM

A Diverse Gathering of Influential Participants

The event drew participation from key organizations such as the United Nations ESCAP, the ASEAN Secretariat, and investment promotion agencies. Representatives from PROCOLOMBIA InvestChile ApexBrasil and CINDE - Experts in FDI Costa Rica, joined from Latin America as well as TradeInvest Timor-Leste Ministry of Investment / Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Brunei Economic Development Board, Council for the Development of Cambodia Invest Laos, Malaysian Investment Development Authority Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam Kyrgyz National Investment Agency, Investment and Trade Agency of Mongolia Investment Fiji Bhutan Invest BOI Sri Lanka from the Asia Pacific as well as FDI Center from Germany.

"As a lead Asia Pacific-focused economic development, trade, and investment consultancy, KW Group takes immense pride in contributing to initiatives that foster inclusivity, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. Our recent collaboration with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in Bangkok was an integral part of our commitment to empowering the region's Investment Promotion Communities.
"The development of investable/bankable projects allows IPAs to be pivotal to the strategic development of major investor-targeted, strategic projects. However often IPAs lack specific project information and the capacity to communicate in the language of financial institutions. We were delighted to be invited by UN ESCAP to deliver this workshop and to contribute to developing a proactive approach for IPAs to drive the investor attraction agenda."
The diverse participation of leading organizations and IPAs from Latin America to the Asia Pacific was a great testament to the South-South cooperation and to UNESCAP for facilitating the forum. As we continue to bridge gaps and empower investment endeavors in the Asia Pacific, KW Group remains committed to the growth and success of the investment promotion communities across the region. Our team looks forward to further collaborations and programs across the region in 2024."

Thank you for being part of our journey toward creating a thriving and interconnected global economic landscape.

Managing Partner, KW Group Asia: Economic Development, Trade, Investment & Market Access & Senior Advisor, APAC, World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies WAIPA


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