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Fake Pharma: How bad is Africa’s counterfeit medicine problem?

The proliferation of fake medicines in Africa is a public health crisis that can no longer be ignored, according to a UK charity.

There's a meeting of seven African countries, in Togo, this week, to combat the problem.

But how big a problem is counterfeit medicine in Africa, and what impact does it have?

How many counterfeit drugs are there?

Globally, the trade in counterfeit pharmaceuticals is worth up to $200bn (£150bn) annually, with Africa among the regions most affected, according to industry estimates.

The European region and the Americas (North and South) accounted for 21% each.

But how reliable are these figures?

The WHO has a reporting mechanism that relies on national or regional regulatory authorities around the world to notify it of seizures. So the data for 2013-17 is only as good as the surveillance and reporting systems in the countries or regions concerned.


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