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Fakes, Counterfeits & Criminal Network Investigations - Best Practices, MCM WORLDWIDE

We are delighted to welcome back Miller Wang, Brand Protection Director & Legal Counsel, MCM APAC to the 4th GTDW Anti Illicit Trade, Brand & IPR Protection Conference & Exhibition, 16-18 June, Shanghai.

As one of the worlds leading #fashion brands MCM takes the approach to #fakes #counterfeiting and #illcittrade as a serious global issue. Their proactive approach to #authentication #traceability as well as #collaboration with #technologies through #online & #offline channels are essential to protect #consumers #revenues and #brandvalue combined with strategies for closer working practices with #enforcement #police #customs and #judiciary through briefings, training and advisory.

Criminal Network Investigations: Best Practices from MCM

About Miller Wang: with experience covering Legal counseling in China (contract draft and revision, and related China laws & regulations consulting); Litigation, investigation and enforcements action against the infringement related to brand protection in distribution, manufacture, export; internet solutions across APAC ; OEM factory and authorized distributor’s compliance management; trademark administration covering registration, opposition, dispute and related litigation; training to customs & enforcement officials; product identification; legal advice and support - View Profile

4th GTDW Anti Illicit Trade, Brand & IPR Protection Conference & Expo, 16-18 June, Shanghai | 4th 反非法贸易,品牌和知识产权保护会议 | 全球贸易发展周-中国论坛 | 2020年6月16日至18 - 20.02


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