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FDI drivers in 2022: Supply chains

An Investment Monitor study shows that supply chains are at the core of investors’ discussions, making the business area an FDI driver in 2022.

Before Covid-19 struck, supply chains were a business area whose efficiency and reliability were often taken for granted. Investors, business leaders and consumers alike knew that they could count on fast, cheap and reliable delivery of goods from across the world.

Then the pandemic hit and countries in all regions started battling with product shortages and empty supermarket shelves, forcing industry leaders to do a lot of soul-searching.

Since then, the debate has focused on making supply chains more resilient and sustainable in case of future black swan events. Covid-19 was only the tip of the iceberg as other events such as Brexit in the UK, the Suez Canal obstruction, Hurricane Ida in the Americas and, more recently, energy shortages and rising inflation in the wake of the war in Ukraine also contributed to highlight the flaws in the system.

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