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FDI in 2021: M&A Trends

Following an 11% decline in cross-border mergers and acquisitions in 2020, foreign M&A deals bounced back in 2021 and far exceeded pre-Covid-19 levels according to Investment Monitor’s Global FDI Annual Report 2022.

The number of cross-border merger and acquisition (M&A) announcements increased significantly in 2021 with a 45.2% jump compared to the previous year. Analysis from Investment Monitor’s Global FDI Annual Report 2022 revealed that foreign M&A levels grew at a faster rate than greenfield FDI, with FDI project numbers rising by 18.1% from 2020. Although both foreign M&A and FDI project numbers fell between 2019 and 2020, greenfield FDI suffered a steeper decline (-17.5%) compared with M&A’s 10.6% drop.

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