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FDI In AI - What Are The Global Trends?

These has been a massive surge in AI-related FDI, from 369 projects in 2021 to 660 projects in 2022, but what (and where) is driving this rise?

A report by data analytics company GlobalData, published on 2 June, found that AI-related FDI saw a massive surge in 2022, with 44% more projects than there were in 2021. Indeed, AI featured in 3.5% of all FDI projects worldwide.

Dubai, the leading destination city globally for cross-sector FDI, led the way as the largest city recipient of AI-related FDI projects. Projects in the United Arab Emirates’ commercial and financial capital included an R&D centre by Intel Corporation, an engineering hub by Eurora, and an office for India-based Bert Labs, among others.

Indeed, the report found that the hubs for more traditional FDI, such as Dubai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Singapore, are also the key cities for AI-related FDI.


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