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FDI Poll: How Can IPAs Ensure High Quality, Standardized Projects To Attract Major Investors?

🌍 Join the Weekend FDI Poll: How Can Investment Promotion Agencies Ensure High-Quality Projects To Attract Major Investors? Your input impacts a dedicated capacity-building session at United Nations ESCAP, backed by the ASEAN Secretariat, your opinion counts in shaping the future of investment strategies! 🚀

CONTEXT: Trillions of dollars are needed to close the investment gap. One of the ways to close this gap would be by attracting corporate and institutional investors to strategic major projects that fulfill strategic development roles. To attract these investors the investment pipelines must be of high quality, standardized, and conceptualized in a way to make them investable and credible in the eyes of major investors.

The relevant institutions, often IPAs, need to be equipped with the right skill sets and capacities to identify and create these opportunities for investors. Next to the quality of these projects also sustainability factors play an increasing role. As such international partnerships can ensure technical cooperation and mutual support to prepare model project proposals and can be helpful by giving advice on project financing, incentives, and risk management.

Question Definitions:

- Standardization, Quality: Refers to the process of making project pipelines uniform and maintaining superior project standards to captivate investor interest.

- Enhance IPA Capacities: Indicates the need for IPAs to strengthen and improve their skills and abilities to create and present attractive projects to potential investors.

- Global Partnerships' Role: Refers to the involvement of collaborative international alliances that offer technical assistance, guidance, and support for preparing viable and credible investment project proposals.

- Importance, IPA Strategies: Emphasizes the significance of sustainability factors in project attractiveness and the strategies IPAs need to employ to meet these demands effectively.

The response from the poll will be included in a dedicated capacity-building session to be hosted at United Nations ESCAP for IPAs supported by The ASEAN Secretariat - responses and feedback are much appreciated.


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