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FDI: What Is Agritech? Driving The Future Of Food

Food security and alternative technologies for food production have become increasingly important for governments and businesses, excellent article by Marina Leiva Investment Monitor

Simply put, agricultural technology, or agritech, is the application of technology to produce more with less, to make the farming process more efficient, from field monitoring to the food supply chain itself.

Dr David Rose, Elizabeth Creak associate professor of agricultural innovation and extension at the University of Reading in the UK, explains that when thinking of agritech, images of AI, robotics or gene-edited organisms spring to mind for many. However, the industry also includes simpler things such as tractors, combine harvesters or milking machines.

However, it is the more advanced technologies that are fuelling the so-called ‘fourth agricultural revolution’ which, much like the industry 4.0 revolution, will define the future of the wider sector.

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