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Full-Year 2023 Greenfield FDI Matrix, FDI Intelligence

In 2023, the FDI landscape was heavily influenced by the Energy transition. Major FDI announcements not only mirrored globalization patterns but also signified significant macroeconomic changes in the global economy. By Alex Irwin-Hunt, FDI Intelligence

Three macro takeaways:

1️⃣ Preliminary full-year 2023 figures indicate an all-time high of 174 FDI projects valued at $1bn or more were announced worldwide, up from the previous high of 156 recorded in 2022. 

2️⃣ Software & IT services — our label for the broadly defined tech industry — slipped from 6th in 2022 to 11th last year in the investment matrix. This is the first time the software industry has fallen out of the top 10 sectors for FDI capex since 2013.

3️⃣ The average capex committed to FDI projects globally stood at $314m in 2023, down slightly from the record $400m a year earlier, but at historic highs unmatched by any other year since records began in 2023. 

Greenfield Foreign Investment
Full-Year 2023 Greenfield FDI Matrix


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