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Columbia: Trade Facilitation Delivering Simple Faster & Cost-Effective Trade Through Digitalization

A great new project by our friends at Global Alliance For Trade Facilitation


Inspectors at Colombia’s National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute, Invima, were physically inspecting 100% of food and beverages arriving at the country’s borders and wanted  to increase their scrutiny of medicines and medical devices. Physical inspections are a vital part of Invima’s role in ensuring essential goods are safe for the public, but they are also time-consuming and costly for Invima and businesses who need to keep goods moving, particularly those companies trading perishable products.


We worked with Invima and business to introduce a risk management system (RMS), IVC SOA Puertos®, that can facilitate trade while protecting public health.

The RMS uses mathematical methods to assess the risk level of imports and exports arriving at the border and tell Invima inspectors whether a documentary or physical inspection is necessary. It does this by developing risk profiles over time based on factors such as the shipment’s country of origin, manufacturer’s and trader’s track records of compliance and any health alerts.

Businesses who play by the rules benefit. Over time, compliant businesses can expect to see a reduction in physical inspections of their goods as the model ‘learns’ of their compliance. The system also supports the traceability of goods.


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