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Investment Fiji to Attract More Diaspora Investment

Incredible initiative by Investment Fiji! Leveraging investments from the diaspora constitutes a crucial strategic channel for governments to actively foster economic growth and development.

Attracting the Fijian diaspora overseas is a strategy Investment Fiji is working on and they will make some recommendations to the government to see how they can attract more of them and make things easier.

CEO Kamal Chetty says diaspora investment is very important and they do their part in several events to attract that diaspora investment in Australia, New Zealand and other places.

Chetty says last year, Investment Fiji received about 1,100 foreign investment enquiries from investors to set up businesses in Fiji.

He says investors from 44 different countries expressed interest in doing business in Fiji.

Chetty adds this broad spectrum of interest demonstrates Fiji's ability to attract capital from a wide range of nations, diversifying the sources of foreign investments.

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Fiji to Attract More Diaspora Investment

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