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June Newsletter: The APAC FDI, Trade & Investment Promotion Community

Insights From 74 IPAs, 5 Improvements on IPAs Agendas for 2025, Are IPAs Trusted By Investors?

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

In the ever-evolving landscape of global investment promotion, it has been yet another eventful month for the community. We are excited to present to you the new Report by WAIPA - OCO Global; "The New Laws of FDI Attraction Report," a comprehensive compilation of insights from 74 international Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) on key topics shaping the industry. The report delves into crucial areas such as Digital FDI & Innovation, FDI Monitoring & Evaluation, Quality FDI, IPA Organizational Structure & Strategy, Talent Development, ESG Monitoring & Evaluation, Sourcing FDI Opportunities, and Sectors Of The Future. Access the report for free HERE

NEWS HEADLINES: Are IPAs Trusted by Investors? | Urgent Strategies for APAC IPAs To Attract Quality Investors | Indonesia’s Digital Success | Malaysia 2nd Best Logistics ASEAN | ASEAN Energy Opportunities | Why IPAs Must Be Agile | WAIPA Expands Commitment | China Dominates Lighthouse Manufacturing & Much More!

NEWS: Our summary of the top stories for the economic development, FDI, trade & investment community in the Asia Pacific.

Are Investment Promotion Agencies Trusted By Investors? - According to an FDI survey by Investment Monitor in the first quarter of 2023, 48% of respondents preferred to use a law firm or a trusted intermediary as opposed to going direct to a free zone or IPA. This proves that more work needs to be done to show that IPAs are a trusted source of objective insights!!

Urgent Strategies for APAC IPAs To Attract High-Quality Investment: Breaking Through the Crowd - With so many countries competing for the same industries and investors, regional investment promotion agencies need to differentiate themselves to stand out from the crowd.

WAIPA Expands Commitment To The Investment Promotion Community - WAIPAs team of exceptional professionals continues to expand as they take on increasingly challenging projects!!

Why Investment Promotion Agencies Must Be Agile to Attract FDI - FDI flows were strong in 2022, but IPAs face new challenges when it comes to attracting investors.

IMF - Asia Poised to Drive Global Economic Growth, Boosted by China’s Reopening - Asia Pacific to contribute 70% of growth. China and India together are forecast to generate about half of global growth this year.

Lighthouse Factories Push Made in China into New Development Stage - China now dominates on the Global Lighthouse Network list, a project launched in 2018 by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with consultancy McKinsey& Company.

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in the Philippines - The Philippines was among the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets in 2022, recording a GDP of 7.6 percent. This also represented the country’s fastest growth since 1976.

Real asset investors have an important role to play in global efforts to promote sustainable development and the world's investment promotion agencies (IPAs) are standing by to assist them, according to Ismail Ersahin, CEO and executive director of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA).

FDI - Vantage Data Centers to Open $3bn Expansion In Malaysia - Vantage Data Centers will extend its operations in Malaysia with a $3bn expansion of its Cyberjaya campus.

WEF: How ASEAN Can Seize Its Energy Opportunities - ASEAN countries must seize the moment to accelerate the energy transition. This is critical to build a greener path for growth while delivering on energy security and affordability, and meeting climate targets.

RESOURCES & REPORTS: Our monthly summary of the key resources and reports that matter – follow the links to download for free.

UNCTAD Trade & Development Report - UNCTAD warns of policy-induced global recession; inadequate financial support leaves developing countries exposed to cascading crises of debt, health and climate.

AIM-KPMG Global IPA Survey 2023 - Changing Dynamics Of Investment Promotion! - This year's survey highlights the changing dynamics of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs)/Economic Development Agencies (EDAs) around 5 key dimensions -

A Guide to Indonesia’s Foreign Investment Trends and Key Infrastructure Projects - Much has been written about Indonesia’s 2022 successes- record inbound FDI and the highest GDP growth in ten years, driven by booming commodity prices (thermal coal, palm oil, and nickel) and a rebound in household consumption following the lifting of COVID-19.

Charting and Mapping China’s Exports 2001-2022 - China's merchandise exports have experienced tremendous growth since its entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001, reaching an estimated $3.6 trillion per year by the end of 2022. This article examines China's top export markets in 2022 and their changes since 2001, while also exploring the country's plans to rebalance its economy and decrease its reliance on exports, as well as its potential for continued export growth through initiatives like the One Belt, One Road and RCEP trade agreement.

OECD: Global FDI Flows Slowed Down In 2022, But New Investment Showed Modest Growth - Global FDI flows dropped by 24% in 2022 (or by 5%, excluding Luxembourg), to USD 1 286 billion, compared to the previous year. The United States remained the top destination for FDI inflows worldwide (USD 318 billion), followed by China (USD 180 billion), despite lower flows. Cross-border M&A activity slowed down with fewer deals being concluded and the outlook for greenfield investment activity remained positive.

AND FINALLY: WAIPA Leaves An Indelible Mark At Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) 2023 - Solidifying its position as one of the most successful engagements to date at AIM by hosting multiple training sessions specifically tailored to empower IPAs including the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), New Age IPAs: Aligning with the Changing World Order, African IPA Dialogue & Attracting Institutional Investment: Why It Matters and How To Do It

​KW Group is an independent consultancy that specializes in economic development, FDI, trade, investment, and market access. Since 2010, the company has been serving clients in both the public and private sectors, with a strong focus on the Asia-Pacific region and headquarters in Malaysia. KW Group's expertise spans across several areas including economic development, investment promotion, trade, policy, research, strategy, capacity building, and market access.

In 2022 KW Group was appointed as the Regional Advisor, in Asia Pacific by The World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) to support the development of membership, networks, capacity building, donor programs, resources, and networks across the Asia and Pacific regions. Feel free to reach out for details on how we can support you.

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Warm Regards, Andrew Keable

Managing Partner, KW Group, Regional Advisor Asia Pacific, World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA)


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