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Connecting Atlantic Canadian Exporters to New Asian Markets

KW Group delighted to support Atlantic Canada Chamber of Commerce, Asia Market Development Program

What is the AMDP? The Asia Market Development Program (AMDP) is a powerful advisory and consultation program that is helping Atlantic Canada exporters expand their presence and grow sales in new industry sectors and countries in Asia.

The AMDP provides exporters with the in-market expertise and network to quickly identify opportunity and connect with qualified customers. Your company will work with a professional trade development consultant, based in Asia, to design a market-entry or market expansion strategy specifically for you.

In a matter of months, you can go from wondering where to begin developing sales in Asia, to meeting with potential customers or sales agents. If you have considered exploring new sales to Japan, South Korea, or any of the 10 ASEAN nations, the AMDP will leverage your resources with market information and strategies for establishing new business relationships in the identified Asian countries.

How do AMDP Companies Benefit? Instead of devoting days or weeks of valuable company resources to sorting through mountains of economic reports, AMDP participants receive individualized country and sector insights from a dedicated trade consultant based in a variety of Asian countries. Using these insights, your company will work with the consultant to cultivate new business relationships that will open or expand export sales in the most promising countries. To accomplish this the AMDP provides:

Up to 20 days of one-on-one professional business development and in-market services from a sales consultant with extensive knowledge of Asian markets (see the Program Guidelines Appendix for a list of services).

A tailor-made Strategic Market Entry Workplan including pre-qualified connections to executive level decision-makers.

Marketing support services from professionals to help drive sales generation and market development activities (virtually and/or in-person depending on travel restrictions)

Coordinated access to existing federal and provincial export development resources, and a network of export development officials.

Who can apply to the AMDP? Applicants should be experienced exporter companies currently selling outside of Atlantic Canada. Companies should be prepared to demonstrate an organizational commitment to executing an Asia-focused export growth strategy.

Applicants will be interviewed by export development officers and upon acceptance into the program will be required to pay a non-refundable participation fee of $4,750.00 CAD plus HST.

AMDP is designed to enhance federal and provincial export-support resources and programs. In some cases, applicants may be encouraged to explore complementary services or funding programs.

Applications are being accepted on a continuous basis until AMDP reaches the program capacity limit.

For More Program Details: AMDP is made possible by funding from the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic provinces’, the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce coordinates access to Asia-based professional market development and sales support, delivered by the in-market trade consultant, OCO Global and their regional partners Nowak & Partner (South Korea) and KW Group (ASEAN) .

For more information please refer to the Program Guidelines or to explore additional resources and funding options available to your business, please contact your respective regional or provincial lead listed - VIEW DETAILS

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