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Mckinsey Launches Global Trade Explorer - Visualize Flows of Trade Around The World

This week's must-see resource - a new interactive tool to help leaders understand how global economic connections are constantly shifting. The tool draws on two decades-worth of data covering more than 50 economies, 15 major sectors, and more than 100 subsectors across various manufactured goods and resources categories. Its insights can help inform decision-making around growth opportunities, supply chain dynamics, and other trends that depend on global trade flows.

To navigate a more complex and challenging era requires a deeper understanding of the full picture of the evolution of global trade flows and the interdependencies and networks created by them. Examining the diverse spectrum of global trade flows from various perspectives, it is clear that global connections are constantly evolving and reconfiguring. Enter our digital experience to explore how these relationships are changing in detail.

What are the most important trade corridors?

Global flows travel through corridors that connect countries, shaping the global economy—from oil flows from the Middle East to power from East Asia to agriculture flows from the Americas to the rest of the world. Explore the data to identify the major players in the global trade network in different subsectors

How interdependent are two economies?

No region is self-sufficient in today’s interconnected world. Every region relies on trade with others, both as markets and suppliers in numerous categories. Understand the degree of interdependence of pairs of economies by comparing their import and export relationships across sectors.

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