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Mckinsey: Ten takeaways for CEOs: Reflections from COP27

Based on our conversations with hundreds of executives, government leaders, and official delegates at COP27, we see 10 key takeaways to accelerate the transition and preserve security and affordability.

1. The role of the private sector: From commitment to action;

2. The power of “and”: Shaping strategies that square #resilience and #netzero commitments

3. The opportunity in playing offense: A strategy for the private and public sectors

4. The spark of innovation: Advancing new climate #technologies

5. The biggest capital reallocation of our lifetimes—for companies and nations

6. The promise of #naturebasedsolutions : Improving biodiversity and lowering emissions

7. The ecosystem mindset: Collaborating to move faster and achieve more

8. The push for parity: #climateadaptation and a just transition

9. The role of #africa in the transition: a pivotal moment

10. The road to #cop28

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