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Milken Global Opportunity Index 2024: Attracting Foreign Investment

The US’s Milken Institute has announced its Global Opportunity Index (GOI) 2024 report, with Malaysia named as the country with the best overall investment condition among emerging and developing (E&D) nations in Asia.

Globally, Malaysia has an overall ranking of 27, ahead of Thailand (37) and China (39), according to the report. Indonesian Investment, Trade and Industry Minister Zafrul Abdul Aziz was quoted by local media as commenting on the achievement that it is a testament to Malaysia’s efforts in enhancing the ease of doing business and addressing key pain points along the investor’s journey.

He said that the recognition reflects Malaysia’s volumes of focus on efficient implementation of approved investments, while motivating the country to deliver even better service to help investors make Malaysia their gateway to Asia. Milken Institute said Malaysia, the country with the best investment conditions in the region, performed significantly above the E&D average in financial services and institutional frameworks.

In addition to Malaysia, China, the region’s largest economy, scores significantly above the E&D average on financial access and financial size and conditions, the two subcategories included in financial services, it said.

“Emerging and developing economies in Asia and Latin America are in the spotlight as policymakers and investors seek to diversify critical supply chains including semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and clean energy materials and technologies,” said David Talbot, PhD, director at the Milken Institute who leads Geo-Economics research and policy programming for MI Finance. “The GOI is an essential tool for decision-makers who are looking to both attract capital and build resilience amidst the reconfiguration of global trade and investment.”

The GOI rankings are available as an interactive website that allows users to personalize their experience based on individual interests using a variety of visual elements, including tables and heatmaps.

“The Global Opportunity Index serves as a compass for those navigating the complexities of global investments. The index provides stakeholders with crucial insights to seize opportunities and craft resilient investment strategies. By revealing emerging trends and spotlighting the strengths and challenges of diverse economies, the GOI gives decision-makers a comprehensive global perspective to harness the untapped potential and foster sustainable growth across international markets,” said Laura Deal Lacey, Executive Vice President of MI International at the Milken Institute.

Global Opportunity Index 2024: Attracting Foreign Investment
Milken Global Opportunity Index 2024: Attracting Foreign Investment


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