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November Newsletter: Asia Pacific Economic Development, Trade & FDI

From Sharm El Sheik for COP27 to Bali for the G20 Indonesia Presidency 2022, ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh, and now Bangkok for APEC 2022 Thailand it has been a busy month for trade & investment in the APAC region. Delighted to share this month's key news, reports, events & resources.

HIGHLIGHTS: Malaysia & Vietnam set for record-breaking years for FDI | Sustainable Trade Index – Free White Paper | WAIPA APAC IPAs Investment Conference | OECD G20 Investment Measures Monitoring Report | Will Chinas Decline Boost FDI In Other Asia Countries? | UNCTAD: G20 Compendium on Promoting Investment for Sustainable Development & More...........

The Hinrich-IMD Sustainable Trade Index (STI) measures how effectively 30 major trading economies are geared for long-term economic growth, environmental protection, and societal development across 70 indicators.


In the end, Jakarta’s gamble paid off: the G20 outperformed expectations, even if we must remain realistic about the challenges facing global multilateralism. Indeed, the Bali summit has against the odds consolidated the G20’s self-designation as ‘the premier forum for global economic cooperation’.

If the Chinese economy goes through a prolonged slump, India, Indonesia and Vietnam could all experience a surge in FDI.

Malaysia and Vietnam have witnessed exponential FDI growth in 2022. Has their success come at China's expense?

As the first major in-person event for WAIPA in the Asia-Pacific region in 2023, participation will be open to all international and regional members (and non-members). WAIPA will be supporting the program with several events and workshops, for the investment promotion community including the first Asia-Pacific WAIPA IPAs Conference, Asia-Pacific announcement of the WAIPA-OCO Global Innovation Index Report as well as capacity building workshops (Pro-active investment, Digital FDI and more). Register & Program: Regional Advisor APAC, WAIPA

Taiwan, trade, Ukraine, and the climate crisis were among issues discussed when the presidents of the US and China met

The US, Singapore, Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and Hong Kong rank as the top ten countries in the world for global enterprise expansion, according a study by HR and payroll company Remote.

The next decade is going to be characterised by a huge demand for investment - The need for energy independence, manufacturing capacity, and a green transition will shape investment trends over the next decade.

Xi-Albanese Meeting Signals Thaw In China-Australia Ties, But Experts Say Tensions Remain: - Trade at top of Australian PM’s agenda in first formal talks between leaders in six years - Chinese president says 50-year-old relationship needs ‘to be cherished by both sides’ After a long diplomatic freeze, Xi and Albanese met on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Indonesia in the first formal meeting between the leaders of the long-time trade partners in six years

We need to work across borders to ensure that the benefits of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership are enjoyed by everyone.

- Chinese investment into Indonesia reached US$1.56 billion between July and September, up from US$595.61 million a year earlier

- China leans heavily on imports from resource-rich Indonesia, which is seeking to have more of its minerals processed domestically

Ranked: The World’s 100 Biggest Pension Funds Despite economic uncertainty, pension funds saw relatively strong growth in 2021. The world’s 100 biggest pension funds are worth over $17 trillion in total, an increase of 8.5% over the previous year. This graphic uses data from the Thinking Ahead Institute to rank the world’s biggest pension funds, and where they are located.

The 2022 ASEAN summit took place at the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, this past weekend, with China as an official guest. At the event, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced Beijing’s approval of Chinese investment in significant infrastructure projects in the ASEAN region.

Expansion has been baked into the DNA of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership. But the ongoing United Kingdom accession has revealed how challenging the process is in practice for the members as other countries have joined the queue.

ASEAN is now the third largest economy in Asia (in terms of 2020 GDP $2.9 trillion) after China ($15.5 trillion) and Japan ($5.1 trillion) and one estimate suggests that by 2030, it can become the fifth largest economy in the world. It is also home to some of the world’s fastest-growing markets, with rapidly rising middle class and established manufacturing base that will continue to drive growth in consumption and investment in the coming years.

Xi Jinping Says China Will Build A Stable Supply Chain With ‘Comrade’ Vietnam - Chinese president also notes ‘complex international environment’ facing the two socialist countries in talks with Nguyen Phu Trong - Visiting Vietnamese Communist Party chief says the nation will not allow any foreign military base to be established there


Our monthly summary of the key resources and reports from a busy month of trade conferences – follow the links to download for free.

Released At COP27: Trade Must Be A Cornerstone Of Climate Action – download the report.

The latest OECD - OCDEUNCTAD G20 #investment measures monitoring report finds slowing investment policy reforms by G20 members with focus on adjusting policies that address the implications that FDI can occasionally have for security interests.

G20 ministers gathered at the Trade, Investment and Industry Ministerial Meeting in Bali on 22 and 23 September 2022 welcomed the “ G20 Compendium on Promoting Investment for Sustainable Development .”

This book explains how rapid digitalization during COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of digital services trade in Asia and the Pacific, and provides analysis on the opportunities, challenges, and associated risks.

The Middle East Pivot to Asia 2022 report presents Asia House’s latest research on trade and investment trends between the Gulf and emerging Asia.

The latest OECD - OCDEUNCTAD G20 #investment measures monitoring report finds slowing investment policy reforms by G20 members with focus on adjusting policies that address the implications that FDI can occasionally have for security interests.

For some countries, energy prices hit historic levels in 2022. Gasoline, electricity, and natural gas prices skyrocketed as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ruptured global energy supply chains. Households and businesses are facing higher energy bills amid extreme price volatility. Uncertainty surrounding the war looms large, and winter heating costs are projected to soar. Given the global consequences of the energy crisis, this Markets in a Minute from New York Life Investments shows the price of energy for households by country

Investment in climate change mitigation & adaptation risks a temporary setback. Furthermore, the poorest and the most vulnerable have not been able to benefit much from the boom in sustainability finance ($5.2 trillion of sustainability-themed bonds and funds). Actions for climate transformation need to be effectively factored into investment promotion strategies and international investment agreements


A quick snapshot of some of the essential events to add to your diaries in 2023, we look forward to meet you at many of them in person!

· Asian Financial Forum, 11-12 January, Hong Kong,

· International Economic Development Council, Leadership Summit, Jan 29-31, Tucson Arizona

· Arab Health, 30 Jan – 2 Feb, Dubai, UAE

· WAIPA Asia Pacific IPAs Investment Conference, 21-23 February, UN Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand - For details email:

· UNESCAP Trade, Investment & Innovation Week, 22-24 February, Bangkok, Thailand - For details email:

· 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit, 1-4 May, National Harbor, Maryland, USA

· Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), 8-10 May, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Annually we support over 100+ international businesses, governments, donors, and trade organizations to deliver Asia-Pacific projects through our networks.

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Warm Regards, Andrew Keable

Managing Director, KW Group, Regional Advisor Asia Pacific, World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA)

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