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October Newsletter: Asia Pacific Economic Development, FDI & Trade

A quick snapshot of our top stories and resources for Asia Pacific Economic Development, FDI & Trade, supporting the public & private sectors in developing capacity and sharing the latest insights and trends.

Global levels of foreign direct investment (FDI) saw a strong rebound in 2022, as the market started to recover from the pandemic-driven downturn the prior year. But which locations, sectors, and companies led the charge back to FDI growth? And can the momentum be maintained?


From the BRI to the ‘new normal’, a retrospective on 10 years of changes - Has the dragon come of age?

Government forecasts 2022 GDP growth at 8%, beating target - Vietnam sees inflation quickening to about 4.5% in 2023

The world’s largest economies favour outbound FDI when it comes to overseas investment but remain split on trade. By Naomi Davies, Investment Monitor - The relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and international trade is central to globalization. Both transactions play different economic roles but often complement each other.

The rise of start-ups in the region is a factor behind the dynamism of foreign direct investment there, a UNCTAD-ASEAN report finds.

It's getting competitive in ASEAN for tech talent as SG announces new investment & 3 innovation centers but the 30%+ property rental increases may make companies & talent question the costs!

This Markets in a Minute from New York Life Investments shows the world macroeconomic risk map in 2022 against a shifting economic landscape.

The importance of intra-regional trade between ASEAN and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region has also become increasingly important as a driver of ASEAN exports. In 2020, ASEAN also surpassed the EU to become mainland China's largest trading partner for the first time.

The KPIs of investment promotion should better reflect a more holistic approach to economic development

According to the World Bank Group, economic growth in East Asia and the Pacific will drop in 2022, as China which shapes 86% of the overall output, continues to experience covid related disruptions.


UNCTAD's just-published Trade & Development Report 2022 projects the global economy will slow to 2.2% in 2023 and warns of a policy-induced global recession.

ASEAN recorded a robust rebound in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows, surging by 42 percent to reach US$ 174 billion in 2021.

The third and most recent Mckinsey & Co survey shows that companies have made significant progress on measures that have been on their agenda since the start of the covid crisis, and that work has helped them weather supply chain challenges such as geopolitical disruption and the worldwide shortage of semiconductors.

Meta and Bain & Company report unveils key digital consumer insights as eCommerce outlook across the region remains positive and the digital consumer population continues to grow!

As our latest survey of Chief Economists makes clear, there are painful months ahead, as well as pressing challenges to bolster the medium- and long-term resilience of economies and societies.

SAVE THE DATE: UNESCAP Trade & Investment Week, 22-24 February, Bangkok, Thailand

Further announcements to follow shortly - for details contact

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