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Pakistan Customs fostering economic prosperity by pulverizing illicit trade

Economy plays a vital role for the development of any country. A plethora of problems which inflicted many a dent and deformity in economic growth of the nation needs to be identified and corrected. One of the panaceas to treat the ill economy is providing safe and secure business environment to the international trade.

We are supposed to review our existing scheme of things and set new roles with a view to achieving economical goals and contributing towards thriving business activities.

Since business has direct relation with security, therefore, an all-embracing security is prerequisite for substantial and consistent economic growth specially when a battalion of corrupt practices engulfed the ailing economy in a quagmire of terrorism viz-a-viz asymmetrical balance of trade and payment. In this grim scenario, the role of Customs authorities is of a prime importance in order to bring about positive economic boom.

Be part of the future of Secure Global Trade Development & Anti Illicit Trade at GTDW China, 16-18 June, Shanghai Pudong. Dedicated to Digitalization, Standardization & Interoperability of Trade Technologies for Legitimate & Anti Illicit Trade.

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