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SINGLE WINDOW: The New Way Forward. Whats Next?

Welcome to Ricardo Trevino Chapa, Deputy Secretary General, World Customs Organisation & C. Donald Brasher, President, Trade Data Monitor leading the discussion on:

"Single Windows: Outcomes, Challenges, Lessons learnt and the Way Forward"
  • What will the future of trade single windows look like?

  • How can the future approach to Single Window increase #visibility and #interoperability

  • How can Single Windows better facilitate trade digitalisation?

  • Are Single Windows reliable for #traceability of goods in supply chains?

  • How secure are current systems and do they make commercial sense?

Leaders discussion as part of the GTDW Trade Facilitation, Compliance & Digitalisation Conference, Part of the 19th GTDW China Trade Development Week.


GTDW China Trade Development Week, Shanghai Pudong, 16-18 June

全球贸易发展周-中国论坛 | 2020年6月16日至18日 | 中国上海

• Program GTDW China 2020 English:

• Program GTDW China 2020 Mandarin:

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