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Speakers & Registration: WAIPA Asia Pacific IPAs Investment Conference, Feb 21&22, UN Bangkok

The first major in-person event for WAIPA in the Asia-Pacific region in 2023, is free to attend and open to Investment Promotion Agencies, EDOs, and related FDI entities from federal, state, and city organizations.

The WAIPA APAC IPAS Investment Conference & Workshops will take place alongside United Nations ESCAP Asia Pacific Trade, Investment & Innovation Week and will be held at the UN Conference Centre, in Bangkok, Thailand. VIEW PROGRAM & REGISTER


· Kaveh Zahedi, Deputy Executive Secretary, United Nations ESCAP

· Deepak Bagla, President, WAIPA & CEO Invest India

· Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director, WAIPA


Andrew Keable, Regional Advisor APAC, WAIPA & Managing Director, KW Group


· Andreas Dressler, Managing Director, FDI Centre

· Dushyant Thakor, Senior Vice President, Invest India and Senior Advisor at WAIPA

· Heather Taylor-Strauss, Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations ESCAP

· Jonathan Wong, Chief Of Technology & Innovation, United Nations ESCAP

· Ms. Musarat Ali, Head of Investment and Trade, Investment Fiji (Invited)

· Nadeem Bashir, Director General, Investment Promotion, Board of Investment Pakistan (Invited)

· Paramita Dasgupta, Manager, Creating Markets Regional Advisory, IFC East Asia and the Pacific

· Premila Nazareth Satyanand, Consultant & Advisor ARTNET

· Renuka Weerakone, Director General, Board Of Investment, Sri Lanka

· Dr Senera Sar, Director, Council for the Development of Cambodia (Invited)

· Stephen Phillips, Director General, Invest Hong Kong

Panel Discussions:

- Digital FDI & Innovation

- FDI focus on Climate Change, Green Investments, and Sustainability

- Proactive investment: Creating effective strategies and best practices in FDI

Capacity Building Workshop 1: Proactive Investment Promotion, Andreas Dressler, Managing Director, FDI Centre Capacity Building Workshop 2: Digital FDI & Innovation, Premila Nazareth Satyanand, Consultant & Advisor ARTNET

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