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Sustainable Trade Index 2022 - Free White Paper

The Hinrich-IMD Sustainable Trade Index (STI) measures how effectively 30 major trading economies are geared for long-term economic growth, environmental protection, and societal development across 70 indicators.

About the STI 2022

Geopolitical tensions and the global economic slowdown have made economies more inward-looking. The sustainability of trade must remain a fundamental objective of the international community to ensure long-term economic growth and value creation. This year’s STI, developed in partnership with IMD’s World Competitiveness Center, examines the key factors affecting these trends.

  • New Zealand reached the top position of the overall STI by performing robustly in all Pillars. While it places 7th in the Economic Pillar, it takes the top spot in both the Societal and Environmental Pillars.

  • Japan and South Korea which held the top spot in STI 2020, were ranked 4th and 8th respectively in this year’s index.

  • A combination of technological innovation, robust macroeconomic fundamentals, and an open trade environment underline the performance of countries at the top of the Pillar rankings.

  • Results among the top five economies show that a healthy population along with educational achievement in combination with social mobility characterize high-performing economies.

  • Top economies also strive to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and related externalities and ratify relevant environmental conventions. They also show efforts at reducing their energy consumption and their emissions.

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