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The top five FDI deals in 2022

Semiconductor investments dominated the largest FDI deals in 2022 as Intel, SK, TSMC and Vedanta all announced overseas mega-projects.

Four of the five largest foreign direct investment (FDI) projects recorded in 2022 were in the semiconductor subsector. The global chip shortage has been a key topic for almost two years, and Covid-19-related supply chain issues, which impacted several industries, were significantly felt in the development of chips.

Several large pushes have been made to ease these supply chain issues, while also developing national and regional propositions for a key target sector for future growth and security. The US Chips and Science Act and European Chips Act are two prime examples.

In turn, foreign investment in semiconductors is on the rise. Provisional data from our FDI Projects Database shows an 18% increase in project numbers in 2022.

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