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Thomas Bagge, DCSA, CEO, Joins Keynotes GTDW China Trade Development Week, Shanghai

With the recent launch of Tech neutral Track and Trace Standards for The Global Container Shipping Industry we are excited to welcome back Thomas Bagge, CEO, Digital Container Shipping Association @DCSA_org returning as a Keynote Speaker and Institutional Partner at GTDW China Trade Development Week, 16-18 June, Shanghai Pudong.

Get the latest on how trade will benefit from an agnostic technology neutral approach to open standards for a common technology foundation that enables global collaboration to make shipping services easy to use, flexible, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.


DCSA’s mission is to drive technology standards and frameworks that will enable carriers to bring innovative solutions to market. Leveraging DCSA standards will improve a carrier’s customer experience, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and business agility.

DCSA is a nonprofit, independent organisation established in 2019 by several of the largest container shipping companies.

Get the latest on Digitalisation, Standardisation & Interoperability of Trade Technologies at The 19th GTDW China Trade Development Week, 16-18 June Shanghai, co-hosted with APMEN as the leading event in Asia for Mulitimodal Trade Facilitation, Customs, Compliance, Supply Chain and Anti Illicit Trade Leaders.

GTDW China Trade Development Week, Shanghai June, 16-18 June 2020

全球贸易发展周-中国论坛 | 2020年6月16日至18日 | 中国上海

• Program GTDW China 2020 English:

• Program GTDW China 2020 Mandarin:

STATEMENT: The GTDW China Trade Development Week, Conference & Exhibition is CONFIRMED at the current time to take place on 16-18 June, Shanghai Pudong.

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