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Timor Leste’s president calls out Western hypocrisy on sustainability

Great to see coverage of the investment opportunities in Timor Leste our newest pending member of The ASEAN Secretariat and we look forward with United Nations ESCAP to supporting further capacity development, particularly around areas such as investor attraction and investable projects where there is scope to mobilize alternative funds through concise value driven project narratives for investors.  Excellent interview by Jacopo Dettoni FDI Intelligence

Timor Leste, the island nation of 1.4 million in south-east Asia, is willing to punch above its weight as it nears World Trade Organization (WTO) membership, which, in turn, would pave the way for a membership to the Association of South-east Asian Nations (Asean). With a gross domestic product (GDP) of just $3.2bn, the country faces an uphill road in unlocking growth and development.

President and Nobel Peace Prize winner José Manuel Ramos-Horta pins his hopes on the development of the Greater Sunrise offshore gas field. With a final investment decision by private sector developers still pending, Greater Sunrise is expected to generate $200bn of revenues for the state over its lifetime, which will contribute to the development of basic services and infrastructure in the country, Mr Ramos-Horta explained to fDi at Unctad’s World Investment Forum in Abu Dhabi in October.

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