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Trade Intelligence Supporting Economic Recovery Expands To Asia

As nations in Asia adapt to Covid-19, regional trade conflicts, trade embargoes and new trade deals, accurate trade intelligence is becoming a critical, precious and essential asset.

US trade intelligence company Trade Data Monitor Inc (US) has signed an Memorandum Of Understanding with KW Group (Malaysia) to support their growth and business development in the Asia Pacific region.

US-based Trade Data Monitor (TDM) publishes the official monthly trade statistics of over a hundred countries, assembled into an interactive market analysis tool based on official Harmonised System Customs data.

TDM is the official provider of the world’s top global institutions, like the World Trade Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization and European Central Bank, and key government agencies like the US Dept Agriculture (USDA) and French Ministry of Agriculture, as well as elite global trading firm and multinational corporations. Government institutions, top universities and major conglomerates use the database to improve trade strategy, write trade policy, monitor the outcome of trade agreements, measure the impact of events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and measure the consequences of trade wars.

Established 2010 in Malaysia KW Group is the region’s leading company focusing on trade and economic development through a portfolio of events, consulting and networks directly with Government Ministries related to Trade Facilitation: Finance, Agriculture, Economy, Infrastructure, Customs Administrations, academia and private sector trade & supply chain leaders.

“Trade Data Monitor is delighted to announce this partnership as part of our commitment to provide trade intelligence to the Asia Pacific region. Trade Data Monitor work with many of the world’s leading trade organisations including WTO, USDA, French Ministry of Agriculture, associations and leading companies.
The partnership with KW Group in Asia allows TDM to expand our reach to provide critical intelligence to support governments and trade organisations in the path to economic recovery post Covid-19 as well as providing the resources to successfully ensure trade strategy and economic development.”

C. donald brasher, president, trade data monitor (US)

“KW Group are delighted to extend our working relationship with Trade Data Monitor to support their growth in the Asia Pacific region through our networks of government and the private sector at this critical time for trade as a driver for economic recovery.
TDM Intelligence is a unique proposition in the region offering our existing networks across governments, academia, economic agencies and the private sector the opportunity to utilize the most relevant and up to date intelligence on global trade at a critical time for Asian nations to address strategies for economic recovery post covi-19 as well as to prepare for upcoming trade agreements and fall out from trade conflicts and associated impacts on import and export.
KW Group look forward to the initiation of this relationship as part of our long term strategy to provide the most effective resources for international trade development in the Asia Pacific region. ”



Trade Data Monitor, Inc. (TDM) is the world’s top supplier of trade statistics to governments, corporations, manufacturers, law firms, trade associations and international organizations on six continents.

TDM collects monthly import and export statistics from customs agencies, statistics institutes and other sources in over 110 countries, then uses proprietary software to assemble, organize, and publish the data in user-friendly charts.

TDM offers unrivaled market intelligence in real-time in a dozen languages, and all currencies, months and sometimes years before the competition. TDM databases are easy to sort and read, and richly detailed by tariff code, value, weight, price, and, when available, port and region.

Contact: C. Donald Brasher, President

KW Group an Asia based consulting and events company founded in 2010, specializing in G2G, G2B and B2B trade and investment, customs, compliance, FDI and economic development based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact: Andrew Keable, CEO

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