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UN Asia Pacific Trade & Investment Report 2023/2024 Published!

🇺🇳 The Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2023/2024 has just been published - a joint publication between the United Nations ESCAP, UNCTAD, and UNIDO.

💡 Chapter 3 provides an overview of the policy landscape. The discussion groups digital trade and investment policies based on their broad implications for sustained economic growth: policies influencing infrastructure and cost of access, policies supporting e-commerce and digital services trade, policies affecting innovation and the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies.

💡 Chapter 7 discusses and provides recommendations for how countries can proactively attract foreign direct investment directly in digital economy sectors, like IT and IT services, digital platforms etc., but also in sectors that are not traditionally digital but have the room to become digitally enabled. This chapter is particularly relevant for investment promotion agencies looking to target FDI in traditional digital economy sectors as well as sectors that can become digitally enabled.

📑 Explore this and much more in the full report. Download the full report here:


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