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UNESCAP Launches G20 Compendium on Investment Promotion, Attraction & Facilitation

UNESCAP launched the “#G20 compendium on investment promotion, attraction and facilitation for sustainable development: Emerging G20 IPA strategy and best practice“, in partnership with Invest India, at WAIPA‘s World Investment Conference in New Delhi this week. The compendium was prepared as part of India’s G20 chairmanship.

G20 IPAs are now firmly committed to promoting sustainable development and attracting investment in sectors that contribute directly to key #SDGs. Encouraging as this is, it is important to emphasize that this is still in a nascent phase and confined to a relatively small group – even within the G20. Outside this small sub-group, however, investment promotion seems to continue to be mostly business as usual largely. Findings suggest that for many G20 IPAs, ‘investment promotion for sustainable development’ still seems to be a secondary and subsidiary task to their real job of bringing in any and as much investment as they can and have been doing for decades. In other words, investment promotion in the G20 has not yet ‘gone sustainable’ enough across the board to ensure that all G20 members meet their 2030 Agenda targets.

Download the compendium below and see the recommendations on how to render sustainable development and investments the core of global investment promotion, attraction, and facilitation via the leadership of the G20 IPA initiative:


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