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WAIPA APAC Investment Promotion Community: Exciting Events and Membership Benefits

Upcoming WAIPA events, designed to help you stay ahead of the curve in investment promotion

Dear WAIPA members and members of the APAC Investment Promotion Community,

We are excited to announce a series of events that will take place, designed to help you stay ahead of the curve in investment promotion. These programs will cover topics such as attracting investments in the Agri-Food sector, scaling domestic startup ecosystems, developing robust startup policy frameworks, G20 Summit, LDCs Conference, and exploring innovative mechanisms for funding startups.

· 15th June - World Investment For Development Alliance (WIDA) Meeting (Webinar)

Webinar programs are free to attend for WAIPA members through the Member Portal. APAC Training's available for IPAs to use the member portal as part of your global development and networking programs.

JOIN THE WORLD ASSOCIATION OF INVESTMENT PROMOTION AGENCIES (WAIPA) As a member of WAIPA, you will have free access to many of these insightful sessions. If you're not already a member, we encourage you to join our community of over 110 international members who benefit from a wide range of activities and events, including capacity building, world-class training, access to research and data, policies and strategies, development programs, private sector advisory board, and advisory services. We also partner with leading organizations such as the World Economic Forum, UNESCAP, UNCTAD, ILO, World Bank Group, IFC, IEDC, UNIDO, ICC, UNWTO, IsDB, GIZ, and many more to bring you unparalleled resources and expertise. Our vision is to support the development of FDI among our members and be the leading global community for IPAs. If you are interested in attending these programs or becoming a WAIPA member, please view membership details online now or PM me - We look forward to seeing you there! · Become a WAIPA Member, Benefits and Tiers: · View WAIPA Members List: Warm Regards, Andrew Keable Managing Partner, KW Group, Regional Advisor Asia Pacific, World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA)

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