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WAIPA Expands Commitment To The Investment Promotion Community

WAIPAs team of exceptional professionals continues to expand as they take on increasingly challenging projects!!

The World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) began its journey with the aim to service its member countries and assist them in every possible way in their growth journey. Becoming a family of 125 IPAs today, couldn't have been possible without the team that makes WAIPA.

A team that functions tirelessly at the back to service our member countries and a team at the forefront to tell the stories of our IPAs to the world, like it was never told before.

We are honored to welcome some new and very influential yet the most humble professionals to its family recently, who pledge their allegiance to our member IPAs to make them the real drivers of FDI. With their appointment, WAIPA has gone from strength to strength and that only shows our commitment to keep growing stronger and serving this world in every way possible.

We all are at your disposal, looking forward to assisting you better and most importantly knowing you better!

For details on WAIPA support and membership in Asia Pacific contact


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