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WAIPA Leaves An Indelible Mark At Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) 2023

WAIPA leaves an indelible mark at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), solidifying its position as one of the most successful engagements to date at AIM by hosting multiple training sessions specifically tailored to empower IPAs in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Brainstorming with global investment leaders, guiding the growth pathway for LDC IPAs, and navigating the way ahead for multi-laterals to support LDC IPAs, were among the many initiatives undertaken by WAIPA during this year’s AIM.

WAIPA hosted a number of workshops and the special forum dedicated to LDCs

  • May 7 - New Age IPAs: Aligning with the Changing World Order

  • May 8 - African IPA Dialogue

  • May 9 - Attracting Institutional Investment: Why It Matters and How To Do It

  • Special Forum dedicated to Least Developed Countries (LDCs) taking place on May 10


For details on WAIPA support and membership in Asia Pacific contact


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