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WEF - Chief Economists Outlook: May 2023

The May 2023 Chief Economists Outlook is published amid continuing uncertainty in the global economy. There are signs of nascent optimism, and the growth outlook has picked up across all regions. However, policy-makers, businesses and households continue to face headwinds, including persistent inflationary pressures and tighter financial conditions. According to a significant majority of the chief economists surveyed, recent turbulence in the financial sector is not a sign of systemic vulnerability, but further disruption is considered likely this year.

This series of reports draws on the individual and collective perspectives of a group of leading chief economists through consultations with the World Economic Forum’s Chief Economists Community and a regular Chief Economists Survey. This latest edition of the Chief Economists Outlook explores the key trends in the economic environment, including the prospects for growth, inflation and monetary policy. It considers the implications of recent bank failures and takes stock of broader economic trends, such as the growing prevalence of proactive industrial policy and the restructuring of global supply chains.


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