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Which countries crumble if their manufacturing industry falls?

Some interesting insights and conclusions on vulnerability in manufacturing by Investment Monitor. The Vulnerability Index looks at which locations would be hit hardest if their manufacturing sector experienced a downturn.

Globally, manufacturing has faced a challenging year in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. From supply chain breakdowns, workforce restrictions and unprecedented volatility in demand, manufacturing has indisputably been impacted. This has had a ripple effect across global value chains with some countries being more resilient to a manufacturing downturn than others.

Investment Monitor’s Manufacturing Vulnerability Index 2020 explores which countries are most vulnerable to a weakened manufacturing industry. The index considers employment, value added by manufacturing, number of exports, population and forecasted output growth. Using these metrics, the index examined the top 100 global foreign direct investment (FDI) locations and found that China, India, Myanmar, Egypt and the Philippines are the most vulnerable, respectively.

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