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Who Are The 33 Trade Leaders Speaking At GTDW China Trade Development Forum & Expo?

With the economic impact of Covid-19 estimated at $1Trillion by the UN the time for action is now!

The GTDW China Trade Development Forum & Exhibition 2020, themed around Safe Trade, Secure Trade & Smart Trade is NOT Postponed!

Huge thanks to our speakers, partners, sponsors and exhibitors. Your continued support to trade development across the globe is essential. Join us in Shanghai, June for our most important edition of Global Trade Development Week to date!


GTDW China 2020 is the 19th International Edition of The Global Trade Development Week programmes since 2010. Co-hosted with Shanghai Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network Operational Center (SAOC) and partnered with Quality Brands Protection Committee, China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) and Shanghai Association of Foreign Investment (SAFI). The event will feature: * Trade Leaders Plenary * GTDW Global Trade Facilitation, Compliance & Digitalisation Conference * GTDW Anti Illicit Trade, Brand & IPR Protection Conference * EXHIBITION: Solutions, Services and Technologies for Global Trade, Trade Facilitation, Supply Chain, Paperless Trade, Anti Illicit Trade & Anti Counterfeiting * Site Visits & Technical Workshops (Day 3, 18th June) Event website: Email to see the full programme

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