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The World Investment Report 2024 presents a comprehensive analysis of global FDI trends. Despite an overall 2% decline in global FDI to $1.3 trillion in 2023, the Asia-Pacific region and ASEAN demonstrate remarkable resilience and adaptability. Here are the key positives from the report, with a special focus on these regions.

Resilience in South-East Asia

One of the standout positives in the report is the significant increase in greenfield project announcements in developing countries. Notably, nearly half of these new projects were located in South-East Asia. This region's ability to attract new investments amidst global economic uncertainties underscores its resilience and potential for growth.

Stability in South-East Asian FDI Inflows

While global FDI flows experienced a general decline, South-East Asia managed to hold steady. This stability highlights the region's robust investment environment and its capability to maintain investor confidence even in challenging times.

Digital Government Solutions and Business Facilitation

The report emphasizes the critical role of digital government solutions and business facilitation in creating a transparent and streamlined environment for investors. The growth of online services and information portals is particularly beneficial for developing nations, including those in the Asia-Pacific and ASEAN regions. These digital tools support broader digital government development, enhancing overall investment conditions.

Investment Facilitation Efforts

Investment facilitation measures have significantly increased, especially in developing countries. In 2023, 86% of investment policy measures were favorable to investors. The expansion of digital tools, such as online single windows and information portals for business and investor registration, has simplified administrative processes and enhanced transparency, making it easier for investors to navigate the investment landscape.

Potential for Modest Growth in 2024

Despite the challenges faced in 2023, the report suggests that modest growth in FDI for 2024 is possible. Easing financial conditions and continued investment facilitation efforts at both national and international levels provide a positive outlook for the coming year.

Growth in Global Value Chain-Intensive Manufacturing

There is significant investment growth in sectors such as automotive and electronics manufacturing in regions with easy access to major markets, including parts of the Asia-Pacific. This trend supports the integration of these regions into global production networks, potentially boosting their economic development.

Key Areas


Greenfield Project Announcements

Significant increase, nearly half in South-East Asia.

FDI Inflows Stability

South-East Asia maintained stable FDI inflows despite global declines.

Digital Government Solutions

Growth in online services and portals, aiding broader digital development.

Investment Facilitation Efforts

86% favorable measures in developing countries, expansion of digital tools.

Potential for Modest Growth in 2024

Positive outlook due to easing financial conditions and facilitation efforts.

Global Value Chain Manufacturing

Growth in automotive and electronics sectors in accessible markets, including Asia-Pacific.


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