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2023 Foreign Investment Opportunities in Thailand

Thailand has been a consistent recipient of Chinese investment for some time, and its geostrategic position as the heart of the ASEAN free trade bloc, with free trade access also to China and India, has made it a hub for many Chinese investors.

This has manifested itself primarily in the drive to digital economies and is building Thailand up both as a connectivity hub, and as a key node for Asia in new tech. Plenty of money is being both raised and made via Chinese investments into various Thai based initiatives in crypto, fintech, blockchain, and AI, as well as health care, including medical tourism.

This, coupled with extensive infrastructure connectivity plans uniting Thailand to ASEAN, other export markets, and the development of numerous free trade zones on outlying islands is seeing the country take on a highly competitive global role for foreign investment into the South Asian region.

Both light manufacturing zones and a nationwide digitization program are seeing Chinese investments made in conjunction with the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and the recent RCEP agreement – Thailand is a member of both ASEAN and RCEP and this shows how both have been combining development with free trade and developing the countries manufacturing to allow it to become a China investment alternative for foreign investors wishing to reduce their China reliance.

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